: Ordnance Survey Benchmarks 
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  the Cotswold Canals  

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bridge ramp, Saul Junction bridge ramp, Saul Junction  bridge ramp, Saul Junction 
 ( 10.9M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 7564 0930 or
 what3words /// farmer.emeralds.commuted 
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Walk Bridge, Stroudwater, Saul Walk Bridge, Stroudwater, Saul  Walk Bridge, Stroudwater, Saul 
 ( 11.7M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 7582 0892 or
 what3words /// indulges.pretty.clasps 
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Occupation Bridge, Whitminster Occupation Bridge, Whitminster  Occupation Bridge, Whitminster 
 ( 11.4M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 7702 0787 or
 what3words /// builds.started.mountains 
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Westfield Bridge Westfield Bridge Westfield Bridge  Westfield Bridge 
 ( 16.0M above sea level)   (FL BR 180) 
 streetmap of  SO 7802 0623 or
 what3words /// custodian.workbook.excavate 
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Pike Bridge, Chipmans Platt Pike Bridge, Chipmans Platt Pike Bridge, Chipmans Platt  Pike Bridge, Chipmans Platt 
 ( 23.0M above sea level)   (FL BR 179 destroyed) 
 streetmap of  SO 7836 0608 or
 what3words /// rummage.powering.alleges 
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RHS of slipway, Stroudwater RHS of slipway, Stroudwater  RHS of slipway, Stroudwater 
 ( 24.0M above sea level)   (SO 78456 06081) 
 streetmap of  SO 7846 0606 or
 what3words /// grant.signs.survivor 
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Newtown, Roving Bridge Newtown, Roving Bridge Newtown, Roving Bridge  Newtown, Roving Bridge 
 ( 28.3M above sea level)   (FL BR 178 destroyed) 
 streetmap of  SO 7909 0556 or
 what3words /// direction.bathtubs.magazine 
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Ocean Rail Bridge Ocean Rail Bridge Ocean Rail Bridge  Ocean Rail Bridge 
 ( 27.4M above sea level)   (says - surveying point) 
 streetmap of  SO 7968 0512 or
 what3words /// ambushed.leans.broadcast 
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Stroudwater Ocean Swing Bridge Stroudwater Ocean Swing Bridge Stroudwater Ocean Swing Bridge  Stroudwater Ocean Swing Bridge 
 ( 27.49M above sea level)   (SO 379812.6-205031.3 , according to surveyor) 
 streetmap of  SO 7981 0504 or
 what3words /// fetch.cornfield.able 
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Nutshell Cottage, Stroudwater Nutshell Cottage, Stroudwater Nutshell Cottage, Stroudwater  Nutshell Cottage, Stroudwater 
 ( 27.9M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8003 0492 or
 what3words /// songbird.final.among 
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Nutshell House, at bridge level Nutshell House, at bridge level Nutshell House, at bridge level  Nutshell House, at bridge level 
 ( 31.3M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8005 0492 or
 what3words /// rollover.shimmered.engages 
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Skew Bridge, Ryeford Skew Bridge, Ryeford  Skew Bridge, Ryeford 
 ( 27.8M above sea level)   (FL BR 175) 
 streetmap of  SO 8093 0470 or
 what3words /// refreshed.goose.camper 
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Jacob's Cottage, Stroudwater Jacob's Cottage, Stroudwater  Jacob's Cottage, Stroudwater 
 ( 28.3M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8115 0466 or
 what3words /// turntable.trifle.pampered 
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Ryeford Bridge X2, Ryeford Rd North Ryeford Bridge X2, Ryeford Rd North Ryeford Bridge X2, Ryeford Rd North Ryeford Bridge X2, Ryeford Rd North  Ryeford Bridge X2, Ryeford Rd North 
 ( 28.0M above sea level)   (FL BR 174 rediscovered) 
 streetmap of  SO 8133 0461 or
 what3words /// twirls.plotter.exits 
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Ryeford, pedestrian swing bridge Ryeford, pedestrian swing bridge  Ryeford, pedestrian swing bridge 
 ( 28.0M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8144 0460 or
 what3words /// boom.diamonds.deferring 
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Double Lock Cottage, Ryeford Double Lock Cottage, Ryeford  Double Lock Cottage, Ryeford 
 ( 33.0M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8192 0460 or
 what3words /// clubbing.winner.processor 
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Oil Mills Bridge, Bridge Rd, Ebley Oil Mills Bridge, Bridge Rd, Ebley Oil Mills Bridge, Bridge Rd, Ebley  Oil Mills Bridge, Bridge Rd, Ebley 
 ( 33.3M above sea level)   (destroyed) 
 streetmap of  SO 8256 0462 or
 what3words /// animates.reviews.peroxide 
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canal towpath canal towpath  canal towpath 
 ( 33.0M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8274 0462 or
 what3words /// wiped.caring.hikes 
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Ebley Mill, yard wall end Ebley Mill, yard wall end  Ebley Mill, yard wall end 
 ( 33.4M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8302 0463 or
 what3words /// fastening.speeds.boxer 
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Lodgemore Mill, building West of road Lodgemore Mill, building West of road Lodgemore Mill, building West of road  Lodgemore Mill, building West of road 
 ( 39.1M above sea level)   (in private garden) 
 streetmap of  SO 8434 0504 or
 what3words /// repair.swam.published 
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arch entrance to towpath, Walbridge arch entrance to towpath, Walbridge  arch entrance to towpath, Walbridge 
 ( 38.7M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8453 0505 or
 what3words /// conducted.snuggle.joyously 
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Wallbridge, bridge under the bridge Wallbridge, bridge under the bridge Wallbridge, bridge under the bridge  Wallbridge, bridge under the bridge 
 ( 41.9M above sea level)   (FL BR 170) 
 streetmap of  SO 8484 0508 or
 what3words /// reactions.neon.somewhere 
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Bell House, Wallbridge Bell House, Wallbridge Bell House, Wallbridge  Bell House, Wallbridge 
 ( 47.7M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8486 0510 or
 what3words /// bulldozer.kinder.stamp 
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Capel's Mill viaduct, buttress, with building inside, X2 Capel's Mill viaduct, buttress, with building inside, X2 Capel's Mill viaduct, buttress, with building inside, X2 Capel's Mill viaduct, buttress, with building inside, X2 Capel's Mill viaduct, buttress, with building inside, X2  Capel's Mill viaduct, buttress, with building inside, X2 
 ( 43.0M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8533 0469 or
 what3words /// using.arranges.webcams 
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sluice, mill pond, nr T&S canal sluice, mill pond, nr T&S canal  sluice, mill pond, nr T&S canal 
 ( 43.3M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8554 0453 or
 what3words /// evolving.sprinting.decanter 
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Bridge Cottage, Butterow, Bowbridge Bridge Cottage, Butterow, Bowbridge Bridge Cottage, Butterow, Bowbridge  Bridge Cottage, Butterow, Bowbridge 
 ( 49.3M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8571 0427 or
 what3words /// salon.subsets.decoded 
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Stantons Bridge, Thames & Severn Canal Stantons Bridge, Thames & Severn Canal Stantons Bridge, Thames & Severn Canal  Stantons Bridge, Thames & Severn Canal 
 ( 47.2M above sea level)   (FL BR 168) 
 streetmap of  SO 8585 0396 or
 what3words /// prowess.ambushes.investor 
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Griffin Lock, rivet Griffin Lock, rivet Griffin Lock, rivet  Griffin Lock, rivet 
 ( 49.7M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8586 0365 or
 what3words /// flexibly.seated.doll 
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Jubilee Bridge. Thames & Severn canal Jubilee Bridge. Thames & Severn canal Jubilee Bridge. Thames & Severn canal  Jubilee Bridge. Thames & Severn canal 
 ( 50.6M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8589 0348 or
 what3words /// zaps.additives.shopper 
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Ham Mill bridge, modern marker, to replace long lost mark Ham Mill bridge, modern marker, to replace long lost mark  Ham Mill bridge, modern marker, to replace long lost mark 
 ( 52.9M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8595 0322 or
 what3words /// tonsils.fixtures.throat 
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Thames & Severn Canal, Bagpath bridge Thames & Severn Canal, Bagpath bridge Thames & Severn Canal, Bagpath bridge Thames & Severn Canal, Bagpath bridge  Thames & Severn Canal, Bagpath bridge 
 ( 53.3M above sea level)   (FL BR 167) 
 streetmap of  SO 8606 0295 or
 what3words /// cuter.clicker.snug 
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Rail Bridge, Gough's Orchard Rail Bridge, Gough's Orchard  Rail Bridge, Gough's Orchard 
 ( 59.6M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8653 0243 or
 what3words /// chest.deadline.whisker 
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Brimscombe, Port entrance, opp Ship Inn Brimscombe, Port entrance, opp Ship Inn Brimscombe, Port entrance, opp Ship Inn  Brimscombe, Port entrance, opp Ship Inn 
 ( 58.6M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8680 0234 or
 what3words /// cages.unclaimed.luggage 
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Brismcombe, Methodist Chapel Brismcombe, Methodist Chapel Brismcombe, Methodist Chapel  Brismcombe, Methodist Chapel 
 ( 73.2M above sea level)   (uphill from canal) 
 streetmap of  SO 8684 0218 or
 what3words /// loser.blogging.tile 
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Brimscombe, railway overbridge Brimscombe, railway overbridge Brimscombe, railway overbridge  Brimscombe, railway overbridge 
 ( 69.6M above sea level)   (uphill from canal) 
 streetmap of  SO 8686 0221 or
 what3words /// arrive.pink.bathtubs 
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Beale's Bridge, hidden in brambles Beale's Bridge, hidden in brambles  Beale's Bridge, hidden in brambles 
 ( 61.2M above sea level)   (FL BR 164) 
 streetmap of  SO 8786 0218 or
 what3words /// flag.stickler.steroids 
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St Mary's Lock Bridge St Mary's Lock Bridge  St Mary's Lock Bridge 
 ( 64.1M above sea level)   (FL BR 163) 
 streetmap of  SO 8859 0222 or
 what3words /// wrenching.sums.refrained 
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house, Brookside, off London Rd house, Brookside, off London Rd  house, Brookside, off London Rd 
 ( 66.7M above sea level)   (downhill from canal towpath) 
 streetmap of  SO 8883 0232 or
 what3words /// bathtubs.political.hothouse 
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Clowes Bridge, Thames & Severn Canal Clowes Bridge, Thames & Severn Canal  Clowes Bridge, Thames & Severn Canal 
 ( 77.5M above sea level)   (FL BR 161) 
 streetmap of  SO 8993 0249 or
 what3words /// rejects.bead.rust 
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road bridge, over canal, Baker's Mill road bridge, over canal, Baker's Mill  road bridge, over canal, Baker's Mill 
 ( 83.9M above sea level)   (FL BR 159) 
 streetmap of  SO 9149 0287 or
 what3words /// ripen.refills.archduke 
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House, beside the canal, Whitehall House, beside the canal, Whitehall  House, beside the canal, Whitehall 
 ( 93.6M above sea level)   (FL BR 158) 
 streetmap of  SO 9233 0298 or
 what3words /// pebble.refreshed.years 
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Whitehall Bridge, T & S canal Whitehall Bridge, T & S canal  Whitehall Bridge, T & S canal 
 ( 93.5M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 9293 0299 or
 what3words /// condition.juggler.health 
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Daneway bridge X2, rivet, and Flush Bracket Daneway bridge X2, rivet, and Flush Bracket Daneway bridge X2, rivet, and Flush Bracket Daneway bridge X2, rivet, and Flush Bracket  Daneway bridge X2, rivet, and Flush Bracket 
 ( 112.8M above sea level)   (Fl Br 156) 
 streetmap of  SO 9387 0339 or
 what3words /// contained.quote.hides 
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Sapperton Tunnel, Coates portal Sapperton Tunnel, Coates portal  Sapperton Tunnel, Coates portal 
 ( 112.6M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 9661 0059 or
 what3words /// lend.eagle.hurricane 
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Rail bridge, over Thames & Severn Canal Rail bridge, over Thames & Severn Canal  Rail bridge, over Thames & Severn Canal 
 ( 111.5M above sea level)   (Fl Br 150) 
 streetmap of  SO 9714 0009 or
 what3words /// crispier.cabinets.fans 
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milestone, Coatesfield Quarry milestone, Coatesfield Quarry  milestone, Coatesfield Quarry 
 ( 111.9M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 9769 0003 or
 what3words /// plod.wonderful.persuade 
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milestone, T&S canal, Cerney Wick milestone, T&S canal, Cerney Wick  milestone, T&S canal, Cerney Wick 
 ( 84.8M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SU 0763 9651 or
 what3words /// hidden.reworked.strongly 
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