: Ordnance Survey Benchmarks 
  that can be observed along : 
  the Exeter Canal  

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Custom House Custom House  Custom House 
 ( 9.0M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SX 9199 9214 or
 what3words /// copies.vest.sorters 
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wall between docks & river wall between docks & river  wall between docks & river 
 ( 7.8M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SX 9225 9172 or
 what3words /// stand.slimy.sudden 
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warehouse, Haven Rd, docks warehouse, Haven Rd, docks  warehouse, Haven Rd, docks 
 ( 8.1M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SX 9217 9187 or
 what3words /// sing.indeed.crop 
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Countess Weir Bridge, River Exe Countess Weir Bridge, River Exe  Countess Weir Bridge, River Exe 
 ( 6.1M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SX 9416 8953 or
 what3words /// wicked.ruled.fumes 
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canal, swing Bridge, to Butts Ferry canal, swing Bridge, to Butts Ferry  canal, swing Bridge, to Butts Ferry 
 ( 4.3M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SX 9621 8796 or
 what3words /// spared.statue.stove 
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coping stones, canal wharf coping stones, canal wharf  coping stones, canal wharf 
 ( 4.3M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SX 9632 8633 or
 what3words /// spices.places.stoppage 
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Turf Hotel, estuary lock, on canal Turf Hotel, estuary lock, on canal  Turf Hotel, estuary lock, on canal 
 ( 4.6M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SX 9638 8608 or
 what3words /// jump.assets.push 
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