: Ordnance Survey Benchmarks 
  that can be observed along : 
  the Gloucester/Sharpness Canal  

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Llanthony Warehouse, Canal Museum Llanthony Warehouse, Canal Museum  Llanthony Warehouse, Canal Museum 
 ( 11.6M above sea level)   (not accessable) 
 streetmap of  SO 8271 1817 or
 what3words /// crisp.toast.things 
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Mariners Church, Gloucester Docks Mariners Church, Gloucester Docks  Mariners Church, Gloucester Docks 
 ( 12.0M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8274 1823 or
 what3words /// police.posts.luck 
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factory, next Hempstead swing bridge factory, next Hempstead swing bridge  factory, next Hempstead swing bridge 
 ( 11.2M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8194 1640 or
 what3words /// cable.plot.salads 
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Sims Bridge, Sharpness Canal Sims Bridge, Sharpness Canal  Sims Bridge, Sharpness Canal 
 ( 13.7M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8094 1553 or
 what3words /// kings.verbs.homes 
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Rea Bridge, Sharpness Canal Rea Bridge, Sharpness Canal  Rea Bridge, Sharpness Canal 
 ( 13.3M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 8056 1505 or
 what3words /// books.gallons.frock 
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Sellars Bridge, Gloucester-Sharpness canal Sellars Bridge, Gloucester-Sharpness canal  Sellars Bridge, Gloucester-Sharpness canal 
 ( 13.7M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 7962 1350 or
 what3words /// being.full.smooth 
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bridge ramp, Saul Junction bridge ramp, Saul Junction  bridge ramp, Saul Junction 
 ( 10.9M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 7564 0930 or
 what3words /// farmer.emeralds.commuted 
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mooring post, G & S canal mooring post, G & S canal  mooring post, G & S canal 
 ( 10.3M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 7411 0620 or
 what3words /// generated.will.raft 
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rivet set in concrete, Gloucester, & Sharpness canal rivet set in concrete, Gloucester, & Sharpness canal  rivet set in concrete, Gloucester, & Sharpness canal 
 ( 10.5M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 7429 0738 or
 what3words /// reader.trump.chef 
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Cambridge Arm bridge, Sharpness canal Cambridge Arm bridge, Sharpness canal Cambridge Arm bridge, Sharpness canal  Cambridge Arm bridge, Sharpness canal 
 ( 10.5M above sea level)   (from the bridge-keeper) 
 streetmap of  SO 7371 0497 or
 what3words /// downs.mural.public 
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Cambridge Arm, canal Cambridge Arm, canal  Cambridge Arm, canal 
 ( 11.0M above sea level)   (abandoned) 
 streetmap of  SO 7429 0490 or
 what3words /// weekday.befitting.sweeter 
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between Patch &, Cambridge Arm bridges between Patch &, Cambridge Arm bridges  between Patch &, Cambridge Arm bridges 
 ( 10.7M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 7332 0468 or
 what3words /// lays.cheer.peroxide 
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concrete base, to a bollard concrete base, to a bollard  concrete base, to a bollard 
 ( 10.6M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 7238 0401 or
 what3words /// assemble.unspoiled.strapping 
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