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  the MonBrec Canal  

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Bridge parapet, Crumlin Arm Bridge parapet, Crumlin Arm  Bridge parapet, Crumlin Arm 
 ( 85.4M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  ST 2402 9098 or
 what3words /// sweeping.weep.endearing 
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MonBrec canal Bridge 50 MonBrec canal Bridge 50  MonBrec canal Bridge 50 
 ( 115.3M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  ST 2927 9944 or
 what3words /// looks.impose.shrimp 
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Bridge 55, New Inn Bridge 55, New Inn  Bridge 55, New Inn 
 ( 115.7M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 2987 0094 or
 what3words /// beginning.servers.interval 
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Bridge 63, Croes Y Pant Lane Bridge 63, Croes Y Pant Lane  Bridge 63, Croes Y Pant Lane 
 ( 113.0M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 3133 0401 or
 what3words /// culling.inner.composer 
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Bridge 74, Saron Rd Bridge 74, Saron Rd  Bridge 74, Saron Rd 
 ( 115.6M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 3142 0580 or
 what3words /// lads.corrode.disbelief 
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Old Abergavenny Rd Bridge Old Abergavenny Rd Bridge  Old Abergavenny Rd Bridge 
 ( 116.8M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 3138 0726 or
 what3words /// computer.decorator.target 
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Ochram Turn Bridge No 86 Ochram Turn Bridge No 86  Ochram Turn Bridge No 86 
 ( 112.8M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 2985 0926 or
 what3words /// wired.passively.vertical 
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Poplar Bridge 87 Poplar Bridge 87  Poplar Bridge 87 
 ( 113.2M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 3004 0941 or
 what3words /// farmed.signs.minute 
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modern survey rivet modern survey rivet  modern survey rivet 
 ( 79.7M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 2799 1385 or
 what3words /// baking.repeating.riddle 
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Station Road Bridge No 98 Station Road Bridge No 98  Station Road Bridge No 98 
 ( 115.7M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 2658 1372 or
 what3words /// satin.driveways.widgets 
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Govilon Aqueduct No 10, under canal Govilon Aqueduct No 10, under canal  Govilon Aqueduct No 10, under canal 
 ( 108.1M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 2638 1384 or
 what3words /// lectures.cleanest.pylon 
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Ty - Gwynn Bridge No 102 Ty - Gwynn Bridge No 102  Ty - Gwynn Bridge No 102 
 ( 115.7M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 2536 1452 or
 what3words /// remove.react.mild 
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Pont Llangatwg Pont Llangatwg  Pont Llangatwg 
 ( 114.4M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 2070 1777 or
 what3words /// forwarded.serious.youngest 
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ex Kings Arms, up from canal ex Kings Arms, up from canal  ex Kings Arms, up from canal 
 ( 115.7M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 1686 1948 or
 what3words /// spark.obviously.recruited 
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South portal of Ashford tunnel South portal of Ashford tunnel  South portal of Ashford tunnel 
 ( 129.5M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 1241 2144 or
 what3words /// boots.pill.fines 
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North portal of Ashford tunnel North portal of Ashford tunnel  North portal of Ashford tunnel 
 ( 131.2M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 1226 2175 or
 what3words /// tweed.lighters.tries 
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Cottage on main road Cottage on main road  Cottage on main road 
 ( 123.9M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 0925 2505 or
 what3words /// stir.reject.ripe 
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Lock Bridge, road over the Usk Lock Bridge, road over the Usk  Lock Bridge, road over the Usk 
 ( 128.5M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 0773 2725 or
 what3words /// mercy.fevered.pacifist 
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Bridge parapet Bridge parapet  Bridge parapet 
 ( 135.1M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SO 0518 2801 or
 what3words /// booms.weeknight.exams 
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