: Ordnance Survey Benchmarks 
  that can be observed along : 
  the Montgomery Canal  

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Pencarreg Lane, canal bridge Pencarreg Lane, canal bridge  Pencarreg Lane, canal bridge 
 ( 78.6M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SJ 2836 2293 or
 what3words /// massaging.lizards.unable 
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8 North Rd 8 North Rd  8 North Rd 
 ( 78.4M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SJ 2663 2101 or
 what3words /// dated.spoiler.finer 
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canal parapet, Carreghofa Lane canal parapet, Carreghofa Lane  canal parapet, Carreghofa Lane 
 ( 77.8M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SJ 2625 2080 or
 what3words /// equity.epidemics.ordering 
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canal bridge, B4381 canal bridge, B4381  canal bridge, B4381 
 ( 79.4M above sea level)   
 streetmap of  SJ 2264 0738 or
 what3words /// reshape.mandolin.educates 
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